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Whether you’ve a package to send at a discounted rate, or you’d like to carry the occasional parcel to offset the cost of your commute, Bee a Courier has something to offer. Contact us today, and get started! Everybody wins!


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Bee a Courier was created to offer an innovative, extremely efficient solution for transporting goods and parcels across the UK.

Sending a parcel through Bee a Courier can be up to 75% less expensive than using a national courier service, and leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than standard methods. Bee a Courier also offers the opportunity for professional courier companies to pick up extra business and for commuters to offset their ever-growing transport costs.

So how do we do it? We take advantage of the fact that both commuters and courier services make thousands of trips across the UK every day with unused or under-used cargo capacity. A courier driving from London to Manchester without a full load will be willing to take more items at a reduced price because they add practically nothing to his operating costs. A professional living in Tunbridge Wells making the trip in London every day can transport packages at no substantial cost to herself, and use the pay to offset transport costs or for any other purpose. And because this results in fewer, better utilised trips across the UK, less fuel is burned and the environment benefits, one package at a time.

    I dont usually give feedbacks but this time, I think these guys deserve it and well , who knows it may be useful for other people, so i will tell you my opinion about this 'I like it'

    - james

    "Amazing prices and very convenient. I use Bee-a-Courier for my eBay shop deliveries, and I couldn't ask for better service!"

    - xxx customer



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